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Constructing Events Tailored to Your Needs.....
Wedding Bartender

Wedding Bartender...Mobile Bar Denver...Event Staff








Bartenders...Service Personnel...Event Staff

If you need a Wedding Bartender, Weddings are a specialty of EventGineers. From 25-500, we can accommodate your needs on every aspect of your event.


Whether we provide your event with Bartenders or Service Personnel, attention to detail, providing you all that you need to make your wedding a huge success and exceeding you and your guest expectations is what we pride ourselves on. 

You have more than enough things to think about  planning your special day...Let EventGineers help lessen that stress

SERVICE: These are just some of the task we will do for you:

  • Set-up/ Tear-down Tables and Chairs

  • Greet the guest, take coats and presents 

  • Keep  seating tables clean and clear

  • Refill drinks at tables

  • Help with set-up of cake table 

  • Help with the cutting and distribution of cake to guest 

  • Monitor trash receptacles and replenish

  • Help tear down centerpieces and other personal items

  • Bring  personal items to designated vehicles

  • Help with clean up at end of event (trash pickup on floors and tables, sweep, mop,)

  • Bring trash to dumpsters

Social Gatherings

           Who's Having a PARTY!

Can you say Mobile Bar Colorado? We can.

Let EventGineers bring you all that you need to make it a great event.


When you need a Mobile Bar Colorado,   we  have a (20) point Essentials List that we  bring to each event, including the bar.

  • Ice 

  • Cups

  • Mixers

  • Garnishes,

  • and much...much more

We can provide these items and much more and we guarantee that the distribution of those items will be the very same towards the end of the event as it was at the beginning.

                    We will never run out. 

Holiday Parties

Whether it's at your office, home,or event site, EventGineers creates a fun and festive atmosphere and brings over 20 years of experience to understand what you need to supply your demand.




We have the very best insurance in the state and all of our BARTENDERS are TIPS CERTIFIED.




So give us a call or provide the information below to get our VERY detailed, black and white proposal at NO obligation to you!



Parker, CO

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(Offsite Review)

Eventgineers were fantastic!!! They asked all the right questions to ensure my event went as perfect as possible!!! Very helpful prior to the event with regard to ordering my beverages. Day of the event they were super punctual! Our server was fantastic, she went with the flow of the party! Would definitely hire again!



Amy D.

January 8, 2018


Excellent expeall around. Feeling very comfortable working with Marc.



Annie C.

January 4, 2018

Event Help and Wait Staff

Marc was fantastic to work with! He and his team did a great job and we will absolutely be looking for excuses to hire Eventgineers again. If you are looking for help for your event, look no further! They really went above and beyond.



Eric B.

December 24, 2017


Easy to work with and did a nice job on short notice. Would use again.



Diane G.

December 23, 2017


Marc and his team did an amazing job! They engaged with the guests very well and we received many compliments about their service.



Greg W.

December 20, 2017

(Offsite Review)

Marc worked very hard to make sure our event was a success. We very much appreciate the care he took in making sure everything was in perfect order well in advance of our event.



Dara T.

December 20, 2017

(Offsite Review)

Our holiday party was a big hit. Our bartender did a wonderful job. She came well prepared and early. She went well above and beyond our expectations, even clearing dishes and washing them. She was wonderful at going to our guest and asking if she could get them anything. I would definitely use Eventgineers again.



Mark K.

December 17, 2017

(Offsite Review)

very professional and friendly service. Pleased with overall service.



Repecca P.

December 2, 2017

(Offsite Review)

Marc did an amazing job at my wedding!!! I had a friend that was going to be my bartender and did not show up, and Marc and his wonderful wife changed their plans for that evening, so that He could come and work at my wedding!! They are truly amazing people, that I wish nothing, but many blessings in this world! He showed up early, was very professional, and really added a spark and fun to the overall experience for the guests at my wedding! He even knew my new husbands drink order, so he didnt even have to ask every time he came up to the bar!! Truly not only an amazing company, but also a wonderful and kind family owns and works it!



Hannah A.

October 30, 2017

(Offsite Review)

We had a great time working with Marc and Yazy. They were both timely and professional. The event went smoothly and our guests were very impressed. We would absolutely use Eventgineers again!



Alex V.

October 29, 2017


Marc is a consummate professional. He worked extensively with me to nail down every detail of the event beforehand so that everything ran as smoothly as possible. He had excellent suggestions for drinks and supplies. He even showed up an hour early to help move things when the weather turned sour, without me asking.



Alicia B.

October 28, 2017



Thank you Alicia. I had fun

Iron T.

October 27, 2017

(Offsite Review)

I would highly recommend these guys for any events. They were on top of everything! Took all the stress off of me. Marc's experience also saved the day- without his suggestions I would have been screwed. He knew the amounts and the right equipment needed for the crowd size - I would have been way off. I'm gonna recommend him to our corporate office as well!



Thumbtack Customer

October 22, 2017

Anonymous Review

Very professional and great coordination.



Mike V.

October 12, 2017

(Offsite Review)

We are an out of town company and worked with Eventgineers on a referral. This was the best advice we received. They were professional, they offered great service and their pricing was very reasonable. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Great Job! Thank you!



Glenn O.

October 11, 2017

(Offsite Review)

Eventgineers did an amazing job for our event ! They are easy to work with, professional, creative and fun. Overall a great experience.



Paul K.

October 11, 2017

(Offsite Review)

I hired Marc Matullo on several occasions to tend bar for me a various private country clubs over the years when I was short staffed. Marc was a true professional from the moment he set foot on property. After a quick tour to give him the lay of the land he jumped right in and had his station fully stocked and ready to go 20 minutes before the event would start. Marc proved to be very friendly, engaging and extremely professional. At the end of the evening he left his station cleaner than when he arrived, helped the other bartenders break down their stations and checked with me to see if there was anything else he could do to make my night easier. Marc is 100% professional.



Thumbtack Customer

August 27, 2017

Anonymous Review

Excellent Job. Great communication. Will hire again

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